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Should I Take Part in a Clinical Trial?

This is a question only you, those close to you and your health care professionals can answer together. Learning you have cancer and deciding a course of treatment can be overwhelming. While a clinical trial is a good choice for some, the treatment option has possible benefits and drawbacks.

You need to consider these factors and discuss with your doctor and others involved with your health needs.
Possible Benefits
  • Clinical trials offer high quality cancer care
  • If a new treatment approach is proven to be effective while you are taking it, you may be the first to benefit.
  • By looking at the pros and cons of clinical trials and your other treatment options, you are taking an active role in a decision that affects your life.
  • You have the chance to help others and improve cancer treatment.
Possible Drawbacks
  • New treatments under study are not always better than, or even as good as, standard care. They may have side effects that doctors do not expect or that are worse than those of standard treatment.
  • Even if a new treatment has benefits, it may not work for you. Even standard treatments, proven effective for many people, do not help everyone.
  • Health insurance and managed care providers do not always cover all patient care costs in a study.

Rights and Protection of Clinical Trial Patients

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