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Right & Protections of Trial Participants

Before and during a research clinical trial, you as the trial participant have many rights. Knowing your rights can help you understand and protect you from harm.

Taking part in a clinical trial is up to you. It may be one of many treatment options your doctor discusses with you. Together, you and your doctor can make the best choice for you.

If you choose to enter a clinical trial, doctors and nurses will follow your response to treatment carefully during the course of the trial. If researchers learn that a treatment may harm you or not be effective, you will be taken off the trial immediately.

As a study participant, you have the right to leave the trial at any time. If you decide to leave the study, your doctor will discuss other treatment options with you.

The informed consent process is the key to knowing your rights through which you learn the purpose, risks, and benefits of the clinical trial before deciding whether or not to participate.

Resources for Finding Clinical Trials and Other Educational Materials

The National Cancer Institute, drug companies, medical institutions, and other organizations sponsor clinical trials. The information provided was taken from CancerNet, a service of the National Cancer Institute.

For clinical trial information or questions regarding whether or not to take part in a clinical trial, you may contact the Highlands Oncology Group, PA Research Office at 479-872-8130 or visit the webpage Current Clinical Trials.

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