Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are how new treatments and improved outcomes are developed in health care. Highlands Oncology Group has been participating in clinical trials for over 20 years. Our Research Department operates numerous clinical trials in both oncology and hematology. New experimental medications, or different ways to use existing medications, are compared to the currently available treatments in order to advance cancer care for patients around the world.

Each clinical trial has certain criteria that must be met to participate. These guidelines help protect the safety of each patient. There are four phases of clinical trial development:

  • Phase I – Assessing medication dose and safety
  • Phase II – Further assessing safety and efficacy
  • Phase III – Comparison to currently available medications
  • Phase IV – Further study of already FDA-approved medications

Phase I clinical trials provide new, novel approaches for the treatment of cancer. Highlands Oncology Group has the privilege of being the only community based Phase I oncology clinical trial center in the state of Arkansas. Cancer research is always evolving and new treatments emerge every year. Highlands Oncology Group stays at the cutting edge of technology with help from the Research Department and clinical trials.

We strive to provide as many options as possible for the treatment of cancer. Only you and your doctor can decide if a clinical trial is right for you. If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial, please review our list of currently enrolling clinical trials. For further information on clinical trials, please visit

For questions or more information, please contact the Research Department:

  • By email:
  • By phone: 479-872-8130
  • Contact Highlands Oncology Group: 479-587-1700
APG-115-US-002 A Phase Ib/II Study of APG-115 in Combination with Pembrolizumab in Patients with Unresectable or Metastatic Melanomas or Advanced Solid TumorsOTHER09/10/2019View Here
M16-438 A phase 1 study evaluating the safety, pharmacokinetics, and anti-tumor activity of ABBV-321 in subjects with advanced solid tumors associated with overexpression of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR).OTHER07/25/2019View Here
2018-689-00US1 A Phase 1, Open-Label Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics and Preliminary Efficacy of HMPL-689 in Patients with Relapsed or Refractory LymphomaLYMPHOMA07/02/2019View Here
CMBG453B12201 A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase II multi-center study of IV MBG453 added to hypomethylating agents in adult subjects with intermediate, high or very high-risk myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) as per IPSS-R criteriaOTHER05/21/2019View Here
IMMU-132-09 A Phase III study of Sacituzumab Govitecan (IMMU-132) versus Treatment of Physicians Choice (TPC) in subjects with HR+, HER- metastatic breast cancer who have failed at least two prior chemotherapy regimensBREAST04/23/2019View Here
M17-327: A Phase I study of SC-011 as a Single-Agent and in Combination with ABBV-181 in Subjects with Relapsed or Refractory Small Cell Lung Cancer.LUNG - Small Cell Cancer (SCLC)04/17/2019View Here
J1O-MC-JZHB A Phase Ib study of LY3295668 Erbumine (an AurA inhibitor) Monotherapy in Patients with Platinum-Sensitive, Extensive-Stage Small-Cell lung Cancer.LUNG - Small Cell Cancer (SCLC)03/25/2019View Here
MS100070.0176 An open label, multicenter follow up Study to collect long term data on participants from multiple avelumab (MSB0010718C) clinical studiesOTHER03/08/2019View Here
Chronos-3 A Phase III, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluating the efficacy and safety of Copanlisib in combination with Rituximab in patients with relapsed indolent B-Cell non-Hodgkins Lymphoma: Follicular Lymphoma, Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma, Lymphoplasmacytoid Lymphoma/Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia, Marginal Zone LymphomaLYMPHOMA - Non Hodgkins (NHL)10/08/2018View Here
B9991033 A Phase 1b/2 Study To Evaluate Safety And Clinical Activity Of Avelumab In Combination With Binimetinib With Or Without Talazoparib In Patients With Locally Advanced Or Metastatic Ras-Mutant Solid TumorsOTHER08/21/2018View Here
D8730C00001 “A Phase I, Open-Label, Multicenter Study to Assess the Safety, Tolerability, Pharmacokinetics, and Preliminary Anti-Tumor Activity of Ascending Doses of AZD4635 Both as Monotherapy and in Combination in Patients with Advanced Solid Malignancies”OTHER08/16/2018View Here
C3441020 Phase 2, non-randomized, open label, single arm, multi-center study of Talazoparib for neoadjuvant treatment of germline BRCA ½ Mutation patients with early triple neg breast CABREAST08/14/2018View Here
S1609 DART: Dual Anti-CTLA-4 and Anti-PD-1 blockade in Rare TumorsOTHER04/10/2018View Here
WO40181 A Phase II, open-label, randomized study to compare the efficacy of Venetoclax in combination with Fulvestrant compared with Fulvestrant alone in women with ER+ HER2-, inoperable, locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer who experienced disease recurrence or progression during or after treatment with CDK4/6 therapy for at least 8 weeks.BREAST03/23/2018View Here
CA209914 “CheckMate 914” A Phase 3 Randomized Study Comparing Nivolumab and Ipilimumab Combination vs Placebo in Participants with Localized Renal Cell Carcinoma Who Underwent Radical or Partial Nephrectomy and Who Are at High Risk of Relapse.RENAL CELL05/24/2017View Here
CA209592 Phase 2, exploratory study of Nivolumab in combination with Ipilimumab in Subjects with Treatment-Naïve Stage IV or recurrent NSCLCLUNG - Non Small Cell Cancer (NSCLC)05/09/2017View Here
UTX-TGR-204 A Multi-Center, Open-Label, Compassionate Use Extension Study of Ublituximab (TG-1101) in Combination with TGR-1202 for Patients Previously Enrolled in Protocol UTX-TGR-304LEUKEMIA - Chronic Lymphocytic04/21/2017View Here
BBI-DSP7888-201G A Randomized, Multicenter, Phase 2 Study of DSP-7888 Dosing Emulsion in Combination with Bevacizumab versus Bevacizumab Alone in Patients with Recurrent or Progressive Glioblastoma following Initial TherapyGLIOBLASTOMA04/17/2017View Here
S1418 A Randomized Phase III Trial To Evaluate The Efficacy and Safety of MK3475(Pembrolizumab) As Adjuvant Therapy for Triple Receptor-Negative Breast Cancer With equal or > 1CM Residual Invasive CancerBREAST03/23/2017View Here
Tesaro TSR-042 Garnet A Phase 1 Dose Escalation and Cohort Expansion Study of TSR-042, an anti-PD-1 Monoclonal Antibody, in Patients with Advanced Solid TumorsOTHER02/28/2017View Here
ML28897-PRO02 A Phase IIA Study Evaluating Trastuzumab/Pertuzumab, Erlotinib, Vemurafenib, and Vismodegib in Patients who have advanced solid tumors with mutations or gene expression abnormalities predictive of response to one of these agents.OTHER08/12/2014View Here
I3Y-MC-JPBH A Phase 1b Study of Abemaciclib in Combination with Therapies for Patients with Metastatic Breast CancerBREAST07/25/2014View Here
I3Y-MC-JPBL MONARCH 2: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo- Controlled, Phase 3 Study of Fulvestrant with or without Abemaciclib, a CDK4/6 Inhibitor, for Women with Hormone Receptor Positive, HER2 Negative Locally Advanced or Metastatic Breast CancerBREAST05/30/2014View Here