Clinical Trials

Research has led to progress against many types of cancer:

  • Better Treatments
  • a Lower Chance of Death from the Disease
  • and Improved Quality of Life.

Through research, knowledge about cancer keeps increasing. Scientists are learning more about what causes cancer and are finding new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat this disease.

Highlands Oncology Group, PA has been participating in clinical trials for over 15 years. The research department started with a small staff of one who performed all duties. Today, our current staff includes a Research Director, 2 Phase I Coordinators, 5 Phase II/III/IV Coordinators, 2 Medical Assistants, 3 Data Managers, and 3 Regulatory Specialist. Typically there are 25-35 open and accruing trials with 3-5 more pending. The trials cover a variety of cancer diagnoses. Highlands Oncology Group, PA has the privilege of being the only community Phase I Oncology clinical site in the state of Arkansas.

Clinical trials are a treatment option for many people living with cancer. The next few pages may help to explain clinical trials and give you something to think about when deciding whether or not to participate.

S1609 DART: Dual Anti-CTLA-4 and Anti-PD-1 blockade in Rare TumorsOTHER04/18/2019View Here
Breast; Triple Negative - C3441020BREAST04/18/2019View Here
CLAG525B2101 - Breast - Advanced TNBCBREAST04/18/2019View Here
S1207 - Hormone receptor positive /HER-2 negative Breast CancerBREAST04/18/2019View Here
S1418 - TNBC with Residual Invasive CancerBREAST04/18/2019View Here
A011106 - Breast Estrogen + HER –BREAST04/18/2019View Here
D8730C00001 (REFMAL 435) - COLORECTAL- metastaticCOLORECTAL04/18/2019View Here
Indolent B-Cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (iNHL) - Chronos-3LYMPHOMA - Non Hodgkins (NHL)04/18/2019View Here
CA209592 - NSCLC-Stage IVLUNG - Non Small Cell Cancer (NSCLC)04/18/2019View Here
B9991033 - NSCLC- metastatic, RAS +LUNG - Non Small Cell Cancer (NSCLC)04/18/2019View Here
CINC280D2201 - NSCLC-Locally Advanced/Metastatic-EGFR/ALK NegativeLUNG - Non Small Cell Cancer (NSCLC)04/18/2019View Here
B9991030 - Ovarian Cancer- Untreated Stage III-IV (Epithelial Ovarian, Fallopian Tube, or Primary Peritoneal)OVARIAN04/18/2019View Here
I5B-MC-JGDPPANCREATIC04/18/2019View Here
WO40181 Breast Cancer, ER+, HER2-Locally advanced or MetastaticBREAST04/18/2019View Here
CPDR001C2101 NSCLC- stage IIIB or IVLUNG - Non Small Cell Cancer (NSCLC)04/18/2019View Here
B9991025 ADV/MET SOLID TUMOROTHER04/18/2019View Here
I3Y-MC-JPCF BREAST CANCER HR+, HER2 -, high risk, node+, early stage, resectedBREAST04/18/2019View Here
D419QC00001(Caspian) SCLC Stage IVLUNG - Small Cell Cancer (SCLC)04/18/2019View Here
I3Y-MC-JPBH Breast –Metastatic-Phase 1BREAST04/18/2019View Here
M16-298 (MERU) Extensive Stage SCLC - MaintenanceLUNG - Small Cell Cancer (SCLC)04/18/2019View Here
CA 209914 “CheckMate 914” Renal Cell Carcinoma – Previously Untreated, Localized Who Underwent Radical or Partial Nephrectomy and Who Are at High Risk of Relapse.RENAL CELL04/18/2019View Here
I3Y-MC-JPCE NSCLC KRAS and PDL1 positive, stage IVBREAST04/18/2019View Here
VX15/2503-04 NSCLC – Stage IVLUNG - Non Small Cell Cancer (NSCLC)04/18/2019View Here
UTX-TGR-204 Lymphocytic Leukemia- ChronicLEUKEMIA - Chronic Lymphocytic04/18/2019View Here
BBI-DSP7888-201G Recurrent or Progressive GlioblastomaGLIOBLASTOMA04/18/2019View Here
CANSTEM 111P Pancreatic AdenocarcinomaPANCREATIC04/18/2019View Here
I4D-MC-JTJH SCLC Previously Treated Extensive StageLUNG - Small Cell Cancer (SCLC)04/18/2019View Here
“Vaccination of High Risk Breast Cancer Patients”BREAST04/18/2019View Here
ML28897-PRO02 Pathway Activated Solid TumorsOTHER04/18/2019View Here